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    Enjoy Sports/Competitions Forecastings

    VELHOUSE’s purpose is not betting. You can have fun with all ages!

    VELHOUSE stats analytics community is for exchanging sports and competitions winner predictions and analysis opinions with reference to official stats social networking platform. Please read the following overview of use to ensure efficient and enjoyable use.

    Sports Forecasting

    Formula 1 Grand Prix Head to Head Qualifyings: Forecast which driver is better time in each team.
    Formula 1 Grand Prix Races: Forecast 3 podiums in each race.
    Professional tennis tournaments(Grand slams, Masters, WTA 1000 and ATP 500): Forecast 8 quater finalists before started each tournament.
    Grand slams/Masters/WTA 1000: Forecast which player wins each quater final, semi final and final game.
    Men pole vault athletics events: Forecast 3 podiums in each event.

    1. 1. Explore and find pages for the matches being held
    2. 2. When you found what you are interested, check the button says Forecasting that you can participate.
    3. 3. Visit the matches stats and do forecast.
    4. 4. In Tennis tournaments has a Q(Qualifiers)/LL(Lucky Losers) button covers multiple qualifiers and lucky losers.
    5. 5. There are players, athletes or drivers button to select then click the forecasting button then your forecasting is registered.
    6. Caution! VELHOUSE analysis community is not aimed at betting. It is a community platform for people predict winners or cheering players with families or friends to analyse information.
    7. 6. If you signed up, your score is listed on the leaderboard.
    8. 7. Correct answers gain points and bonus points are awarded according to our rules. Higher accuracy forecasting participants’ opinions are highlighted on the leaderboard.
    Monthly Events

    Wild Animal Battles

    1. 1. Each month 6 funny animals are picked up. Select top 3 strongest one consider their physical abitities, own weapons or any other reasons.
    2. 2. Discuss your opinion on the page.
    3. 3. At the end of the event each month, you can get an original badge with the animal you chose.
    VELHOUSE CLUB membership

    You can look up other paricipants forecastings.